Larry Terkel

small change*
*It's the LITTLE Things in Life that Make a BIG Difference!

Published by Jeremy P. Tarcher, a division of Penguin Group (USA), Inc.


Deirdre Donahue
USA Today
"How to reach the summit of life success…a homespun paean to the benefits of slowing down."

Judy Hevrdejis
Sunday Chicago Tribune
"It's a tiny book, this Small Change* by Susan & Larry Terkel. But the asterisk in the title neatly sums up the premise: It's the Little Things in Life that Make a Big Difference. . .a handy refresher course for anyone who has kept tabs on the self-improvement/pop psychology trends so prevalent today."

Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Soul7
"I was excited to read this book. If you do even half of what the Terkel=s recommend, you=ll experience dramatic changes in your life."

Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.
What Women Want Men to Know
"Small Change is a step-by-step, heartwarming, and indispensable guide to improving your life from an utterly irresistible husband and wife team of experts."

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.
Love is Letting Go of Fear
". . .a delightfully practical, simple and uplifting book that can raise the quality of our lives."

Publishers Weekly
"Upbeat and optimistic. . .This heartening little book is easy to read and its advice easy to implement."

Fran Henry
Cleveland Plain Dealer
". . .an eclectic and wide-ranging assortment of self-improvement ideas."

Joshua Halberstam, Ph.D.
Everyday Ethics
"Here's a book that talks to us where we actually are in our lives, inspiring without condescending, advising without preaching...the voice of a wise friend."

Barbara McIntyre
Akron Beacon Journal
"This little paperback is a cut above the average self-help book… the kind of advice your friends will give you, good common sense written gently, with no lecturing."

Frederick/Mary Ann Brussat
Spirituality and Health
"…a helpful little book on the grand project of personal transformation."

Diana Keough
Faithful Reader
"This book is different…Their writing lets you into their lives, as though you=re sitting at their kitchen, chatting and drinking tea."

Marika and Howard Stone
2 Young 2 Retire
"…now that we have read it, we can't praise it highly enough."

Valerie Finholm
Hartford (Conn.) Courant
Honolulu Advertiser; St. Paul Pioneer Press; and other Tribune Publishing newspapers
"Make small changes in your daily habits - such as your meals or snacks, your relationships, your work or your leisure - and watch those changes gradually accumulate into a much more…happier, and more satisfying life."


Comments on Larry's Speeches

"It was wonderful. exhilarating."

"His love and feelings come through. I leave feeling very peaceful, inspired, and amazed."

"It was great. Larry did a great job."

"He has a very warm and gentle way. That warmth and gentleness go a long way."

"It was wonderful. I enjoyed Larry very much."

Dr. Henry Flanagan; Headmaster
Western Reserve Academy Baccaulaureate address
"Wow! You held them throughout the entire delivery."

Jon Wise; President; Garland Floor Company
Keynote at Nat'l Sales Mtg
"Everyone thought you were entertaining, inspiring, thought-provoking and practical. Your personal stories were fascinating."


Written comments from many different workshop evaluations

"Larry is a superb teacher and a truly enlightened person."

"He is awesome!"

"Larry touches each of his students in a caring and loving way."

"Very inspiring, life changing."

"Unbelievable! This guy is so great!"

"Fabulous class and instructor. Looking forward to taking a course from Larry next year!!!"

"A wonderful combination of philosophy, spirituality and exercise."

"Larry was wonderful."

"This is the best class I have ever attended anywhere!"

"Excellent, inspirational class. I loved it!"

"I have taken many other yoga classes and Larry was exceptional."

"Larry is an excellent instructor, spiritual guide, and a loving person."

"I've had at least 10-12 yoga teachers. He ranks with the best."

"Larry is a wonderful instructor who truly teaches life long lessons."

"...spiritually uplifting and engaging."

"Instructor was terrific."